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New Collage Painting: Wake Up Call

Wake up call is a painting about change and transitions.

It makes you think about big changes in life. It's interesting how it is easy to fall into the trap of familiarity aka the comfort zone. Even funnier is when you think you are constantly moving and changing until "Wake up call" happens. That's when you realize how stuck you were and how much you needed that shake.

Painting is done on aquarelle paper using combination of gouache and acrylic. It's no accident that painting is completed from collage pieces like a puzzle. I wanted to emphasize how I’m trying to figure out my world/painting, piece by piece without knowing what the end result will be.

The truth is, life is a puzzle and we never really know how the picture is going to look before we complete it. There is no right or wrong outcome, there’s only our outcome.

I started this painting as some sort of an experiment. I wanted to express how I feel, even though the process of creation. This is the biggest piece I painted so far, it’s 50x70cm and it’s the first collage painting I created.

Person on the painting is a girl who is stuck in her small world which is illustrated as a shell bed. She is a girl, but, by the time she receives a wake up call she is already in a body of a woman. After getting that call she's beginning to discover that there's so much more to the world than she initially thought. All the lovely plants and creatures from the sea represent opportunities, people and pleasures she didn’t see.

Process of painting illustration

If you want to see behind the scenes of creating this piece make sure to check new reel on Instagram or click here.


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