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Meet the artist

Ana Vukosavljevic - Anushkas Studio +_edited_edited.jpg

Ana Vukosavljevic is an illustrator and a founder of Anushka’s Studio, based in Belgrade, Serbia. She brings a piece of her inner world into the "real" one, especially when creating art that's not commissioned and comes from pure inspiration. First thing you notice about her work is how optimistic it is. Whether it comes to colors or the subject itself, they are always bright and positive.

Ana's illustrations draw us in with a sense of familiarity, colorful shades and vivid landscapes reminds us of our own dreams and aspirations, sometimes even our childhood or beautiful memories.

As a woman and an illustrator she creates a place for female subjects, an important space even in today's art world. Female  characters she creates come naturally to Ana, she draws them the way she sees women, beautiful in their uniqueness, elegant and fierce without the need to be perfect or defined by anybody else than themselves. Simplicity of her collage like drawings combined with a complex female subject create well balanced and easily recognizable works, a certain artistic expression that Ana managed to discover early on in her career.

She does all of her original works in gauche painting technique on paper,

a manner of painting that gives her a chance to be in direct contact with

her work as well as the process of creation. Creative process itself is very

important to Ana and an old school view on the subject goes well with

her character.


From her love for vintage style and thrift shopping to slow

living in general, you can say she has a kind of an old soul in a modern world.

For years she run a successful style blog before pivoting to illustration.

As an illustrator she collaborated with many clients from Eucerin cosmetics

to, most recently, Grand coffee where she created three designs for their

"Hajde da imamo vremena" ("Let's have time") campaign.


Ana was born and raised in Belgrade and has three siblings including two

sisters whose characters can be recognized in her work.

Rich and unique cultural heritage of this European city offers a great source

of inspiration to her, although she keeps being inspired by other cities and

every place she visits.


written by art historian, Jelena Milosavljević

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