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Grand Kafa x Anushka's Studio Part II

In collaboration with Grand Kafa, Ana created three illustrations for coffee gadgets. She was inspired by ritual of drinking coffee and all the small things that make this life big. Click here to read a detailed blog post about inspiration and idea to create these illustrations.

In Serbia, the tradition of drinking Turkish coffee has been present for centuries and it is an important part of our cultural heritage. The ritual of preparing and serving Turkish coffee is seen as a way of socializing, bringing people together, and creating a special atmosphere of warmth and hospitality.


When it comes to Turkish coffee, Grand Kafa is a brand that stands out in Serbia as a pioneer in producing the best Turkish coffee on the Balkans. The brand has been around for over 100 years, and its coffee is known for its high quality, distinctive taste, and unique aroma.


The process of making Turkish coffee with Grand Kafa involves using a special pot called a cezve or ibrik, which is a small copper or brass pot with a long handle. The coffee is made by mixing finely ground Grand Kafa coffee with water and sugar, and then slowly heating it in the cezve over a low flame. Once the coffee starts to boil and foam, it is taken off the heat and served in small cups.

The serving of Turkish coffee is an important part of the ritual, and it is usually accompanied by small sweets such as Turkish delight or baklava. It is also common for the person preparing the coffee to read the coffee grounds left at the bottom of the cup as a form of divination, which is believed to reveal the drinker's future.


Turkish coffee drinking ritual in Serbia is a unique and important cultural tradition, and Grand Kafa is a brand that has been instrumental in preserving this tradition by producing the best Turkish coffee on the Balkans. It's synonym for the quality and good taste.

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Grand kafa x Anushka's Studio

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