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Growing is one of the six illustrations from collection of floral prints called "Seasons" that embraces the ever-changing rhythms of nature.


Each print captures the essence of a different season, guiding you through a journey of transformation and growth. From the gentle Awakening, where muted hues symbolize the subtle beginnings, to the vibrant Blooming, where blossoms burst with vivid colors, these illustrations celebrate the beauty and resilience found in every phase. While Harmony and Blossom unite seamlessly in the transitions where Blosssom, single flower unflods in delicate beauty. With Shifting and Growing bridging the transitions, this collection harmoniously weaves together simplicity and abundance, reminding us of the cyclic dance of life.


This art print is printed on 300g/m2 high-quality aquarelle textured paper. The technique used to print this fine art print is giclee, which uses 11 colors for printing, while the digital one uses only 4. Giclee print has superior archival quality, lightfastness, and stability.

You can choose between different size options:

A2 40cm x 60cm
A3 30cm x 42cm
A4 21cm x 30cm

They come with a border of 2cm in height and 2cm in width.

Each print will be handled with love and care, packaged in a poly sleeve bag + bubble wrap for extra protection so it will reach you in a perfect condition.



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